Miche Boyz Lime Drop

Pick Your 3 Pack Bundle


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3-Pack Party Bundle : One of each flavor!


Warning... Seriously addicting


Sweet & spicy, Sandia flame & Mango Lava all have a nice Mexican Spice & kick of flavor to many drink 10 times better


Each rim paste contains atleast 7.5 Oz of sticky goodness & can rim 30-40 cups! This 3 pack will have the party loving all their mixed drinks 10 times more!


Goes best with any sparkling water Seltzer, Mexican lagar beer of choice & ofcourse a michelada


Non-GMO products. Good to last up to 12 weeks after opening. We highly recommend keeping refrigerated.

You can’t host a party without our mouthwatering Rim Paste 3 Pack Bundle!! Best known to be with your favorite Lager or Spritzer and, of course micheladas!  This mouthwatering blend of spices, tamarindo sauce is sure to elevate any drink. Simply dip your unopened drink or rim your favorite beer glass & we always recommend topping it off with Chile powder (Tajin) to prevent a major drip! Now enjoy!